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We can send CodeLingo commands by @mentioning CodeLingoBot in a Pull Request comment or as reply to a CodeLingo review comment.



@CodeLingoBot capture [<title>] [<description>]

The capture command adds a new draft rule to your dashboard under the repo the command was made in.

Capturing allows us to capture context that will be the source of a new rule. The draft rule will reference where it was captured from.

Optionally, append a title and description to prepopulate the rule.

capture example


@CodeLingoBot [<your reply content>]

Replying to a CodeLingo review comment whilst mentioning @CodeLingoBot will add the reply to the corresponding rule discussion thread on the dashboard.


@CodeLingoBot review

The review command triggers a fresh review on the Pull Request.


@CodeLingoBot mute

Replying to a CodeLingo review comment with the mute command will mute the review comment in future reviews on this Pull Request.


@CodeLingoBot unmute

The unmute command will unmute a muted review comment.


@CodeLingoBot help

The help command will send a link to this page.