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CodeLingo is a platform for software development teams to store, discuss and code their tacit knowledge into project specific rules.

Our platform allows development teams to capture a discussion in a Pull Request, create a Rule around that discussion then use our DSL, CodeLingo Query Language (CLQL) to generate a project specific rule that is used to automatically review incoming code to your codebase.

Quick Starts#


Test out writing a Rule and running a Action online with zero installs using the CodeLingo Playground - it's easier than you think!


The CodeLingo Dashboard lets you manage your rules for each of your repositories. It is your team's hub for discussion and creating project specific rules.

Writing Rule Queries#

Using CodeLingo Query Language (CLQL) you can write queries for your rules that will capture anti patterns in your codebase.

View the CLQL guide


The CodeLingo platform has two key concepts: Rules and Actions.


A Rule is an encoded project specific best practice used to guide development. A Rule can be used for: coding styles,performance tuning, security audits, debugging, avoiding gotchas, reducing complexity and churn, and more. Rules can be created from the dashboard. You can either create a blank Rule or one from a Rule Template.

View the guide and docs for working with Rules


An Action is an automated development workflow that leverages Rules to do some task, for example automating code reviews.

View the guide and docs for working with Actions